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IF you are looking for a Truckload partner with nationwide network at competitive rates, call Superhighway Transport Inc on 559-558-5059 . Not only do you have access to well-maintained trucks to handle your LTL Cargo, but also are handled experts has professional drivers to deliver your cargos on-time. Our team of freight experts has solutions to offer you at highly competitive rates. Stop quoting and monitoring truckload shipments on your own and start simplifying your freight with our innovative and industry leading technology and support.

Less than truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight that combines shipments from multiple customers. This option is affordable for small businesses because they will share the transportation costs with other companies, and use a third-party logistics (3PL) company. Each company takes up a portion of the truck for their goods and only pay according to the amount or weight of product shipped and the length of travel.

With LTL shipments often make several stops to unload and re-load goods. The shipment may take longer to reach the destination but you’ll save a ton on shipping costs. Contact us today to find out how we can save you with LTL transportation.

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ltl Cost Savings truck service

Cost Savings

LTL is comparative inexpensive owing to the fact that, many entities commodities are being shipped at the same time and the cost is jointly shared by a lot of entities together.

Faster Delivery Speed of cargo

Faster Delivery Speed

Oftentimes, with LTL the freight is received quicker than with FTL. There are fewer administrative procedures to deal with and lots of reasons why companies prefer LTL over other forms of transportation.

Operational Flexibility

Operational Flexibility

LTL offers operational flexibility which is not typically offered by FTL carriers. These optional services include liftgate service at pickup or delivery, notification prior to delivery, freeze protection, and others.

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Get in touch with our LTL experts today. They would ask the right questions and provide you best answers and carriers at highly competitive rates and technology, we can help streamline your freight.

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